I was on a multi day-hiking trip

I was on a multi day-hiking trip along the Langeberg when I got sick and needed to get off the trail. Luckily, I happened to be close to   Oudebosch Guest Farm and instead of calling the rescue services I reached out to Linda&Peter. I was picked up from the trail within no time and welcomed like an old friend.

For the next two days everyone at Oudebosch went above and beyond to take good care of me. I was served delicious meals that wouldn’t upset my stomach, a fire was lit for me and in the end I got a late check out at no extra cost. I hope the circumstances why someone considers  Oudebosch  Guest Farm are different. Yet, going there is something you certainly won’t regret.

The views are superb, the fully equipped lodges well maintained and even judging from an European perspective spotless clean, the bed super comfy, the common area and the pool very stylish and great to relax. Yet, it’s the quietness and remoteness that make the Oudebosch Guest Farm an absolute insider tip. Sitting on the terrace in front of a fire, watching the springboks grazing as the sun sets behind the hills feels just like heaven on earth.

Thanks again for the marvelous time at Oudebosch Guest Farm


We went to the Oudebosch guest farm for horse riding. I have to say it was an amazing experience. They where so help ful even for a person(my wife ) who has very little experience with hosriding it was a amazing time the horses where so amazingly well trained. They took us around the farm to see the wild animals it was amazing how close we could get to all the animals. I would highly recommend going here to stay over the houses are well furnished and comfortable. The area is so beautiful.The horse riding was amazing we will definitely be going back soon!!!
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Happy client enjoying the horsetrail

I booked to stay at Oudebosch for two nights on the recommendation of a friend. There are so many positive things to say. I will start with the facilities.

First of all, the location is spectacular. It appears to be in the middle of nowhere, but it is actually about 20 minutes drive from Riversdale, the nearest town. One has to drive there via a dirt road, which is part of the charm. It is well situated and surrounded by mountains.
HINT: If you hire a car, do NOT rely on the built-in GPS to get you to the place. It will fail miserably and try to take you to a 4X4 track which would involve trying to open a huge gate and probably trespass on other peoples’ property! Google Maps is significantly better, but the safest option is to get printed directions in the old-fashioned way.

There are currently two guest cottages (I think they said that they are planning to build a third one). My cottage had all the mod cons, bath and shower, well equipped kitchen, fireplace (which was definitely NOT needed as the weather was scorching!) and a huge balcony. The bed was really comfortable – perfect for a good night’s sleep.
I can urge anybody staying there: If it is a clear, cloudless night, please do yourself a favour and go outside and look at the stars. You will see more stars than you ever see in a city. You get a huge sense of peace and comfort at this place, and of course, fresh air and silence (apart from the sounds of nature, birds etc.)

The place is advertised as being self-catering, and this is certainly a good option, but I was also offered a fully-catered option, for an extremely reasonable price. The food was superb, especially the breakfasts. It’s not fancy or pretentious, but it’s wholesome and delicious. They have their own chickens on the property and so the eggs are very fresh and tasty.

Other facilities: They have a small swimming pool which is a godsend for cooling down in the heat. Also there is a small dam on which one can do a bit of kayaking but I did not do that so did not pay much attention to it.

The main reason I went was for the horse riding, and this certainly did not disappoint. I had planned to do two rides but ended up doing four! The horses are wonderful: sure-footed, safe, well-trained and fun to ride. The guy in charge of the riding, Evan, is extremely knowledgeable about the horses and about the surrounding countryside in general, and he told me all sorts of fascinating things about the vegetation, animals, birds, etc. AS an experienced rider I did not need much reassurance but I think he would be excellent with beginners too, as he has a calm and ‘in control’ (but not in an unpleasant or dictatorial way) manner, and the horses listen to his vocal commands (probably more than they listened to me! 🙂 ) The other wonderful thing is that they make the rides fun for everybody and rides can be split if needed, that people who want to go faster can do so. The place is designed for riding – it’s the best thing to do here. I can recommend doing the half-day ride where you stop at a beautiful river/stream which has rock pools. The water is really lovely to drink too.

There are quite a lot of wild animals on the property, including various types of buck, zebras, baboons etc. and of course there is great bird life, including raptors.

Now, as for the staff: Absolutely wonderful! I had an unfortunate incident with the airline deciding not to put my baggage on the plane to George and this was exceptionally frustrating (long story which I shall not go into here) but the staff were brilliant. They loaned me riding equipment and nightwear, they took over the arrangement of delivery of the baggage and they were really fantastic at reassuring infuriated guests! I must give huge thanks and credit to Anneline for all her help with this.
I also met the owner, Linda, who was very pleasant and interesting. Evan I have already mentioned, and there was a lady who came to deliver food and clean the cottage who was also lovely but unfortunately I have forgotten her name.
In short, everybody there was likeable, friendly and helpful.

Anyway, enough now. I hope I have done this wonderful location at least some justice! Hope to visit again one day.