Horse Trails

Horse riding in the Garden Route, Riversdale

Also known as the Floral Kingdom & Gateway to the Garden Route

Horse riding

Guests can experience our beautiful and scenic surroundings on horseback. Our level headed and well-trained horses will ensure that you will definitely return to Oudebosch for yet another adventure!

Riders with any level of experience will surely enjoy our horses. Even the guest with no experience at all will indeed have an unforgettable time.

The aim of the riding experience at Oudebosch Guest Farm is to provide quality rides on well trained horses, with attention to safety of our guests. Our Activity manager is a qualified guide and experienced horseman.

What will guests experience?

We will take you through historic farmland.  Oak forests dating back to the 17/1800’s and the Sleeping Beauty Mountain Range with waterfalls, Pine and indigenous forests. This area is also famous for being the indigenous Fynbos floral kingdom.

You will come up close and personal with Zebra, Eland, Bontebok and Springbok.  If you are lucky you might see the scarce and shy Bosbok also. All of these being indigenous species of South Africa.

You will also have the opportunity to see our national animals and plants on the farm, namely the Blue Crane bird, Springbuck, Giant Protea and  Yellowood trees.


As mentioned previously, our horses are specifically bred for the purpose of trail riding.

Being an integral part of the history of our country we still pride ourselves in the quality of our horses. Without the horse this country could not have been explored from the 16 and 1700’s. They are descendants of the mounts that survived epidemics, droughts, wars and very arduous exploration and hunting trips from the historic Cape Colony into the African interior. They are mountain bred, surefooted, hardworking, friendly and honest and can be enjoyed by all levels of riders regardless of the experience level of his rider.

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